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As many of our regulars will have noticed we have not updated our website for some time now. The truth is we are just too busy to keep it up to date in it's current form. We have therefore decided to modify it so that there is a .pdf version of our current stock list available for download.

Latest Stock list HERE. Updated: 12th December 2017

We still attend as many Invertabrate and Reptile breeders shows in the UK as we can. We would encourage you to try and visit at least one of these shows where you can meet us and the many other traders and see the actual spiders you are interested in and also buy tanks and other dry goods.

Keeping animals is still very much a hobby for us. We started selling our excess stock almost 30 years ago just as a means of funding our own interests. Despite the amount we offer increasing, we still feel that the animals come first and so we do not maintain an automated on-line ordering system as we do not believe that the selling of livestock fits in with the off the shelf buying ethos of click and buy sites. We prefer a more personal approach, to discuss what is being purchased if necessary, and to make sure it is in a condition to be sent out. We do not stock large numbers of specimens unless from our own captive breeding so sometimes may not be able to sell something if it is coming up for a moult. The health and wellbeing of the animal will always come first over making a profit.

If there is something not commonly offered and not on our list please contact us at the address below and we will see what we can do.
Enjoy :)

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Midlands Entomological Fayre

Sunday 8th April 2018
11am - 3.30pm

Dukeries Leisure Centre,
Main Road,
NG22 9JJ

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